About this group:

This social/political group was established as a regional, nonprofit, patriotic and social organization incorporated by Washington’s Secretary of State. Our WEBSITE NARRATIVE and SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM are guided by the basic conservative values/principles of the Republican Party as embodied by President Reagan.

American Exceptionalism
Peace through Strength
Personal responsibility

Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
Lower Taxes & Limited Government
Anti-Socialism & Communism
Adherence to Historic Doctrines

Members of this group are encouraged to comment on issues and perceptions that are relevant to these basic values. Please keep in mind the appropriateness of postings on our platform.
Our nonprofit, in-person Ronald Reagan Club has monthly social dinner meetings
and programs to accomplish the following goals:

Support GOP candidates and incumbents
Publicize constituents’ and candidates’ issues
Inform local citizens of relevant regional issues
Increase Republican influence in the South Sound

Individuals, who support these basic principles and goals, are invited to become informed, subscribe and join our group. For further information about our monthly social dinner meetings → See our Events at this Link

Our Officers

President – Steve Cook
VP Programs – Wally Nash
VP Membership – Don Magnuson
Assistant VP for Membership – Roger Westman
Treasurer – Pat Campion
Secretary – Ellen M. Campion
Sergeant-At-Arms – Chris Johnson